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Let your chatbot talk and think.
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Dialogflow Connector by Voximplant allows businesses of all sizes and developers around the world to build real-time, deployable and economically viable communication services.
Easy integration of a telephony system with natural language processing based on Dialogflow technology
Quick connection of a call running via Voximplant with a Dialogflow agent
Speech recognition, natural language processing for more than 15 languages and speech synthesis
Complex logic and natural behaviour of a virtual phone assistant similar to a live person
Integration via phone numbers in 60 countries or by using SIP protocol
Innovations for Real Businesses
Machine learning in action for better customer service and automation.
60% Cost Savings
Voximplant helps to reduce costs by more than 60% compered to live call operators.
1 mln+ calls
Flexible scalability enables hundreds to millions of calls made daily.
80% requests
Inbound requests can be processed automatically eliminating human errors.
Why Voximplant?
Support Willing to Help 24/7
Our dedicated support team is willing to help you with any question, anytime.
Voice Technology Leader
Since 2012, Voximplant has been developing the most advanced voice synthesis technologies based on Google Speech Cloud, Amazon Polly and other.
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It's easy to get started with Voximplant. We will provide you with the solution that most closely aligns your business needs and will guide you through every step of the process.
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Trusted by the world's most innovative businesses.
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