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powered by WebRTC
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Voximplant cloud communications platform has all the capabilities and APIs required to deploy a custom cloud contact center from scratch or within the current infrastructure.
Trusted by the world's most innovative businesses.
Improve customer experience
Voximplant's built-in intelligence improves customer experience with zero waiting time and immediate service and capabilities in 15 languages, enabling customers to find the information that they need quickly and easily.

Reduce costs by more than 60%
Our Smart IVR can automatically process 80% of inbound requests, reducing costs to less than $1 US per contact. Transfer routine call responses to IVR and free up time for your staff to deal with more valuable issues.
Instant deployment
From contact centers and e-commerce to banking, Smart IVR can be deployed within days to match your specific business needs: even if you need cloud IVR from scratch or if you want to move from your current outdated IVR.
High level of data security
Cloud communications require extra security and trust. In order to provide you with confidence in our product. We manage information security based on EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Voximplant Platform
Serverless cloud communications platform for lightning fast voice, video and messaging solutions development
Cloud application engine that uses the most popular web programming language - JavaScript
VoxEngine is an application engine that runs your apps inside the Voximplant cloud. Each call is processed according to the call control logic written on JavaScript, which makes VoxEngine an easy-to-use tool for web developers.
Cloud IDE with a real-time debugger that fine-tunes call processing
Each incoming and outgoing call is under real-time control via JavaScript code that is uploaded or edited in our Cloud and debugged via our web editor.
Independent control over any call or conference participant offers exceptional flexibility
The Voximplant cloud application engine API allows you to accept incoming calls, initiate multiple outgoing calls on a condition, synthesize speech into calls, recognize speech, connect calls to each other or to conferences, record voice or video and much more.
Powerful SDKs for various platforms: Web, iOS, Android, React-Native and Unity
Voximplant can accept and initiate calls from phones, SIP devices and it's own SDKs. Our SDKs support voice and video calls, conferences, screen sharing, and messaging to ensure that all features of the platform can be accessed on different devices and platforms.
Why Voximplant?
Support Willing to Help 24/7
Our dedicated support team is willing to help you with any question, anytime.
Voice Technology Leader
Since 2012, Voximplant has been developing the most advanced voice synthesis technologies based on Google Speech Cloud, Amazon Polly and others.
Right Company to Start
It's easy to get started with Voximplant. We will provide you with IVR solution that most closely aligns your business needs and will guide you through every step of the process.
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